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Summer School on Adaptive Optics 2002



Description: The School will include system components, and general adaptive optics concepts relevant to both astronomy and vision science. The course level will be appropriate for graduate students, postdocs, and researchers who are not experts in the field.


Sat Aug 03
Room Check-in and Dinner

Sun Aug 04

09:00 AM      Introduction to Fourier optics and aberrations
(J. Brase, LLNL)
11:00 AM   Atmospheric turbulence
(A. Quirrenbach, UCSD)
02:00 PM   Principles of wavefront sensing and wavefront reconstruction
(M. Schoeck, UCI)
04:00 PM   Architecture and performance of astronomical AO systems
(E. Bloemhof, JPL)
Mon Aug 05
09:00 AM   Control loop theory
(J. Kulkarni, Cornell U.)
11:00 AM   Deformable mirrors and MEMS devices
(M. Helmbrecht, UCB)
02:00 PM   Fundamentals of vision
(J. Porter, U. Rochester)
04:00 PM   Measurement and correction of the eye's wave aberration
(N. Doble, U. Rochester)
06:00 PM   Barbequeue
Tue Aug 06
09:00 AM   Introduction to image formation and image processing
(J. Christou, UCSC)
11:00 AM   Clinical applications of adaptive optics
(D.U. Bartsch, UCSD)
01:00 PM   Computer lab
(J. Christou, UCSC)
07:00 PM   Mentoring
(L. Hunter, UCSC)
Wed Aug 07
09:00 AM   PSF determination
(E. Steinbring, UCSC)
11:00 AM   Coronography and high-contrast imaging
(B. Macintosh, IGPP/LLNL)
02:00 PM   Excursion to the Lick Observatory
Thu Aug 08
09:00 AM Laser guide stars
(C. Max )
11:00 AM AO concepts for extremely large telescopes
(R. Dekany )
01:30 PM Application of Wavefront Analysis in Vision Research
(Abhiram S. Vilupuru, Ramkumar Ramamirtham, Jason Marsack and Austin Roorda )
02:10 PM Refractive Surgery
(Sylvan Brian Raphael )
02:30 PM Hartmann-Shack sensor ASIC's for real-time adaptive optics in biomedical physics
(Thomas Nirmaier )
02:50 PM Active-Matrix Addressed Micromirror Array for Aberration Correction of the Human Eye
(Andreas Gehner )
03:10 PM Control Systems
(Don Wiberg )
03:30 PM  
Refreshment break
03:50 PM Application of distributed control techniques to a deformable secondary mirror
(Jayant Kulkarni )
04:10 PM Using a Beowulf Cluster in Modeling Adaptive Optics Simulation
(Aron Ahmadia )
04:30 PM Direct wave-front sensing using geometric optics
(Marcos Van Dam )
04:50 PM Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics for Gemini South
(Eric James )
05:10 PM The table top adaptive optics for the vivid human retinal high resolution imaging
(Yudong Zhang )
Fri Aug 09
09:00 AM   Undergraduate talks
(two parallel sessions, L. Hunter, G. Philley)
01:30 PM   Student / mentor meeting
(L. Hunter, G. Philley)
01:30 PM   Have your eyes measured
(E. Steinbring)
04:00 PM    
End of Summer School
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