Research Internships

Akamai Intern Student Session at the AMOS Technical Conference, Septemebr 9th, 2003

Intern Biographies

Mainland Orienation Information

Internships for Community College Students and University Undergraduates

The major goal for our internships is to retain underrepresented students in science, math or engineering fields. We focus on keeping these students interested and committed to pursuing a career as a scientist, engineer, science/math educator, or other relevant field. The interns will define their own educational and career goals, and we will work with them to achieve that goal, which may include a broad range of career options, that includes graduate school.

For Year 4 (summer 2003), the CfAO has been awarded an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Supplement from the NSF to support 18 underrepresented community college students, including stipends, travel, housing, supplies and an orientation session. CfAO Internships provide an intensive seven-week introduction to research methods and tools with an emphasis on adaptive optics science.

Our vision for the internship program is to provide opportunities at various CfAO sites over the summer, with additional activities to maintain interest and student community during the academic year. The interns will start with a 4-day orientation at UCSC, then go to their internship site, and finally present their summer project at a student symposium held at UCSC.

Beyond the Internships

The CfAO developed activities that expands the student's experience and focuses on student retention. The program includes:

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