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About the Workshop

Workshop Flyer

Description of Workshop:

This workshop is a unique five-day experience that is offered each year to CfAO graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and others involved in CfAO educational activities. The workshop consists of a set of integrated components: 1) training in inquiry-based learning; 2) visits to technical facilities; 3) partnership building; and 4) design of instructional materials. Participants are encouraged to return for multiple years with an increasing role in workshop leadership.

Inquiry Intensive

A major portion of the workshop is dedicated to an "inquiry intensive," which provides workshop participants with the tools necessary to incorporate inquiry-based teaching strategies into their science teaching. Inquiry is a teaching strategy called for in many recent national studies and reports, and the National Science Standards, making it an essential tool for future faculty members in the sciences and engineering. For a description of inquiry, see: http://www.exploratorium.edu/IFI/about/inquiry.html. Participants will experience learning through inquiry first hand, then move through a set of activities that develop the skills necessary to design and teach inquiry based instructional activities. As a final outcome of the workshop, participants will gain the skills necessary to teach science using inquiry, and will be part of a design team that develops and implements instructional material for CfAO's high school and undergraduate teaching activities. The integration of this workshop with other CfAO education programs creates a dynamic teaching "laboratory" that gives participants an authentic and intensive teaching experience.

The inquiry component of the workshop was developed as a collaboration between the Exploratorium, UCSC Education Department, and the CfAO, specifically for CfAO graduate students and postdocs. Barry Kluger-Bell (Exploratorium) is the CfAO principal investigator leading the inquiry portions of this workshop. He works with Doris Ash (UCSC Education Department), Candice Brown (UCSC) and Lisa Hunter (CfAO/UCSC) in developing and leading workshop components.

Hawaii Partnerships

The CfAO is involved in a range of research and technology projects that include astronomy, physics, mathematics, engineering, and vision science. Our astronomical advances, and the technology development that supports the science, relies heavily on the resources of the state of Hawaii. The summits of Mauna Kea and Haleakala are the sites of many of our nations most powerful telescopes, and plans for the development of new instrumentation for these telescopes, make the continued use of these sites critical to the field of astronomy. The CfAO is committed to building partnerships in Hawaii and contributing to an informed community. A major goal of these partnerships and community activities is to increase the participation of Native Hawaiians in astronomy and the technology that enables astronomical research.

On the island of Maui, the CfAO is working closely with Maui Community College, the Maui Economic Development Board, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory AMOS facility, and many of the federal contractors and organizations that support and advance the technology essential to the facilities on Haleakala. To further these partnerships, the CfAO hosts an event that brings together the technical, scientific and educational communities of Hawaii. The Maui Science and Technology Education Exchange (MSTEE) brings together the CfAO with the Hawaii education and technical community to exchange information on science and technology education.

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