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Professional Development Workshop Survey

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PDW Attendance

I attended the following CfAO Professional Development Workshops







How we will use this survey:

This survey is designed to gather information on how the Workshop has influenced the actions and perceptions of participants. Your responses will be used to help the workshop staff evaluate the impact of the workshop on participants, and report outcomes to CfAO stakeholders. Please use concrete examples when at all possible.


If you would like to keep your responses confidential, please check the box provided in each section, and we will only report these responses in a non-identifiable manner. Anything that you indicate is confidential will be seen by CfAO EHR staff and PD Workshop Staff only. All other responses will be considered non-confidential, and in some cases may be reported with your name attached (example: "TLC Inquiry, designed by Malika Moutawakkil, UCSC"). If we have any doubt, we will check with you first.

Please note that there are five sections to this survey:

We are interested in finding out how the Workshop and the follow-up mentoring and guidance has influenced your actions and perceptions. When we use the word "Workshop" we are including the Workshop and the ongoing guidance, mentoring, and training activities associated.

  1. Design: developing an instructional activity that you or somebody else will teach. Examples include: creating a presentation or lecture, designing a lab or hands-on activity, designing an inquiry, designing an undergraduate research project or a smaller component of a summer project, etc. Note: in many cases you will design an activity and then teach it ("teaching practice"), but not always.
  2. Inquiry Teaching Practice: playing an instructional role in an inquiry activity designed by you or somebody else.
  3. Other Teaching Practice: your involvement in teaching practice, other than inquiry teaching practice
  4. Career: how you are moving forward with your educational and/or career path.
  5. Overall influences of the workshop: In retrospect how you feel the PD Workshop has influenced you.

If you completed this form last year, please include only information on your teaching and design work since then (since about January 2005).


In this section:
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