Our cluster went to field trips such as Berkeley Optometry Clinic, Lick Observatory, Mystery Spot, Dissecting a cow's eye, observing for our astronomy graduate student.

UC Berkeley

While our cluster was visiting UC Berkeley Optometry Clinic we all had the opportunity to have pictures taken of our retinas, the measurement of response to a our own brain waves, seeing up close in magnitude a students iris, and pupils. Some students witness a Lasik surgery which only took no more than forty-five minutes. Our near and far sightedness was measured and calculated with equipment at the Clinic, the GDX measured nerves and fiber layers and showed us how high the fiber layer is and could be able to tell if you have glaucoma.

Lick Observatory

On Lick Observatory we had a mini tour on how, who, and why the telescope were used. We also had a tale told to us about Mr. Lick and how the Observatory originated by. We learned how the astronomers manipulate the immense telescopes and why coordinates are important. We also, had spectacular views on open clusters, craters on the Moon, and the surface of Mars.

Mystery Spot

Mind Games? Yeah, that's what we dealt with at the mystery spot. There were many illusions which were mind boggling. First, we walked up this really steep hill and then we went in this really crooked cabin. It was really funny to see our peers standing at an angle and playing with the illusions. On our way back down the hill we noticed that the hill was not as steep as we had originally thought. Talk about mind games.

Dissecting a cows eye

One of our labs consisted of dissecting a cows eye with one of our professors. He first past out a lab sheet that gave us detailed directions with questions on them. He then have a quick summary on how to direct. All the students then cut around the eye of the cow and separate the cow's retinas, macule, iris and so on. At the end of the lab the professor then in red light dissected two cow eyes for the whole class to see.


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