What is COSMOS?

California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science


A group of 140 students, mostly from California,
had the opportunity of a lifetime when they were accepted and invited to stay in the UCSC dorms for a month. The students were broken down into ten clusters in which they attended classes and performed college level research projects. Some examples of the topics covered in these clusters included Marine Biology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Toxicology, and ours which was Stars, Sight and Science.

There was a lot of awesome interaction between COSMOS students, professors, and graduate students from all around the country. Everyone had the pleasure of learning from some of the most respected researchers in the world, such as Raja Guha Thakurta and Sandra Faber.


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This webpage was created by Leo Garcia and Monique Torres (North Salinas High, CA).



"This work has been supported in part or full by the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center for Adaptive Optics, managed by the University of California at Santa Cruz under cooperative agreement No. AST-9876783"