Starts, Sight, and Science

Project Leader: Lisa Hunter

Project Description:
Stars, Sight and Science is a course cluster offered in conjunction with the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) program at UCSC. The project is also a partnership with the UCSC-based Educational Partnership Center (EPC), and builds on EPC'S relationship with area high schools. The Stars, Sight, and Science (SSS) program focuses on middle- to high-achieving underrepresented students, providing hands-on, inquiry-based experiences. The program uses adaptive optics as a starting point to foster an interest in related fields such as vision science, astronomy, engineering, and advanced instrumentation.

In this third year, the SSS, will be offering ongoing support through mentoring—a scientist/student from UCSC and a teacher from their high school, called Clustered Mentoring.

Clustered mentoring is provided for summer session alumni, to provide support to help them progress through the educational pipeline. Each student will be matched with a teacher mentor and a community college, or university student mentor. The mentors will meet with students twice monthly, either in person, on the phone or online, to discuss educational and career goals, explore and apply for financial aid, and consider other extra-curricular programs or projects. In addition to benefiting the student protégé, the program will broaden the experience of both mentors.

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