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Stars, Sight, and Science 2002

In 2002 fourteen students from Watsonville HS, Overfelt HS, Hollywood Performing Arts Magnate HS, Fresno HS, North Monterey County HS, Harbor HS, and North Salinas HS were chosen to be part of the program this summer. This summer, Lynne Raschke and Jason Porter, graduate students in astronomy and vision science respectively, received a minigrant to design and implement the curriculum for the 2002 Stars, Sight and Science program. There were eighteen instructors and project advisors for the 14 students. The program again focused on astronomy, vision science and science communication.

At the end of the program, the students presented their projects through a powerpoint presentation. A SSS almni spearheaded the production of a website giving an overview of their learning experiences and activities.

The Website

The Student's Presentations

The Stars, Sight & Science
Ana Luz Acevedo,
Delfina Alvarez,
Blanca Marinez
Iris Ramirez

Ricky Alcaraz,
Adrianne Rojas,
Diana Diaz,
Ivan Hernandez

Erik Almaraz,
Rudy Melgoza
Mayra Avila Jesus Cruz
Maribel Gamboa Jeff Simon  


Stars, Sight, and Science 2001

Fifteen students from Watsonville High, Overfelt High and North Salinas High were chosen to be part of the program this summer. This four-week summer immersion experience included three coordinated courses (below) on vision science, astronomy, and science communication developed by the CfAO:

  1. Astronomy Today: Observing the Universe
  2. Human Vision: Photons, Proteins, and Perception
  3. Science Communication

At the end of the program students presented their COSMOS learning experience in a powerpoint presentation or with HTML to an audience of their peers. Two students from North Salinas High-Leo Garcia and Monique Torres made their own web page describing their COSMOS Program experience.




The above photos were taken throughout the entire COSMOS Program of the various activities the students were involved in. To see more great photos we have a power point presentation.



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