Paper Publication


Proceedings of the AO4ELT4 will be published in electronic version. We are currently exploring options for hosting the proceedings online for the long term, most likely using the University of California Digital Library service. The proceedings will receive an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and each paper a DOI (Digital Object Identifier code). We are also arranging for an indexing service so that papers will appear in journal paper searches such Google Scholar.


Your paper should be submitted in PDF file format via the EasyChair web site. Use the same account name and password you used for submitting your abstract.

  • Due date: Extended to January 15, 2016
  • Number of pages: At least 6, no more than 12
  • Format: PDF, with paper conforming to SPIE Proceedings guidelines. Generally speaking, this is Times New Roman 10pt font for the text portions of the paper. You can find other guidelines here


All submitted papers will be reviewed for content and conformance to the above specifications by a member of the Science Organizing Committee.


Once you have completed preparing your paper in PDF form, press the submission button below to begin the process of uploading. Under "My Submissions" select the appropriate paper number. A page containing your submission information will appear. On that, select "Add File" in the upper right menu. This will allow you to upload the PDF file with your full paper. It is possible for you to modify your paper and re-upload your file at any time prior to the due date.

Viewgraph and Poster Posting


We've organized a web-based archive to store presentations: view graph sets in the case of oral presentations and poster files in the case of poster presentations. This is a quick way to share your results with the community prior to paper publication. The best format for these would be PDF, but PowerPoint and Keynote may also be acceptable to consumers.


Authors who post their presentation material this way should be advised that doing so will release the information openly to the web, i.e. access is not restricted to just conference attendees. Also, these files will not be assigned DOI codes or cross-referenced in citation indices. The intention is quick access to your work in a non-archival form.

Instructions for submitting

Please send a copy of your presentation as an email attachment to either Don Gavel (gavel at ucolick dot org) or Gelys Trancho (gtrancho at tmt dot org). If your attachement exceeds 25MBy in size, it will likely bounce from the email server, in which case you can either 1) reduce the file size (e.g. convert to PDF in reduced size form) or 2) provide us with a link from which we can download your presentation. Please send only PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote files. Do not send zip archives.

Instructions to Authors

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation is assigned a 20 minutes time slot. In order to keep on schedule, we ask each speaker to limit their talk to a maximum of 15 minutes, to leave enough time for a few questions and a smooth transition to the next talk. We request that each speaker check in with their respective session chair at the presenter podium during the break preceding their session (at the latest), and to upload their talk onto a memory stick that we will provide. The presenter will be have the choice to run their presentation on either a Mac or a PC. If you have different audio-visual requirements, please contact the local organizers as soon as possible.

Poster presentations

Posters will displayed in the Iris Room. The poster should be sized to fit on a 3ft wide by 4ft high presentation board. Here is a photo of the poster board and stand. We will provide push pins to attach the posters.

Posters will rotate in three sessions:

  • Session 1: Monday 9:00 - Tuesday Noon
  • Session 2: Tuesday 1:00 - Wednesday 22:00
  • Session 3: Thursday 9:00 - Friday 15:00
Check the schedule for your session time. You may attach the poster yourself at the beginning of the session, or leave it with one of our staff members to put up for you. If you do the later, please put the paper number in an upper corner of your poster (we'll have marking pens).

The conference schedule includes times each day when posters can be viewed, particularly the 17:00-18:30 period before dinner and during the evening social events.