Companies affiliated with the AO community have the opportunity to have a sales presence at the 5-day AO4ELT4 meeting. There will be a prominent area set aside for sponsor tables, with room for product demos. This area will also be the location of the poster presentations, so there will be lots of traffic for viewing what you have to offer. We expect to have room for 7 to 10 such booth positions.

Exhibition and Sponsorship Fee Schedule

Item Charge
Product Display Table, 2'x6' for the 5 days of the meeting $2000
AO4ELT social/refreshment session sponsorship $100 per session
AO4ELT student scholarship sponsorship $1450

Basic Guidelines for Exhibitors

  1. The purpose of the AO4ELT exhibit area is to foster information dissemination about available products and technologies of interest to the astronomical adaptive optics community.
  2. Display space will be assigned in a separate room from the conference meeting and will be located adjacent to the poster presentation area.
  3. Exhibitor's demos and display materials should be located in the immediate region of the assigned table space. Video or audio presentations should be kept at a low enough volume so as not to disturb other product displays or the discussion going on in the poster area.
  4. Exhibit space will be available for the 5 days of the conference, Oct 26-20 (Monday-Friday). Exhibitors may begin setup on Monday morning.
  5. Exhibitors who are presenting a paper at the conference must submit their abstract in the usual manner of registering for the conference. The abstract will be reviewed by the Science Organizing Committee.
  6. If you wish to attend the meeting you are expected to pay the registration fee. Exhibitors who do not wish to present at, or attend, the meeting may opt out of the conference registration fee.
  7. If you wish to stay at the UCLA Center or eat meals there, you must sign up for the appropriate package. For example, as a "non-participating" guest (for food and lodging, but no registration) or as a "commuter" (for food only). There is a distinct advantage to attending the meals and other social events of the meeting as this gives more opportunity to interact with the community.

AO4ELT Sponsorships

Companies, and individuals, have the opportunity so sponsor the social hours which happen during the periods of the poster sessions before dinner and in the evening. A placard with the company logo will be displayed at the refreshments tables. The donation level is $100 per session, which will help offset the costs of refreshments, wine and beer. There are two sessions per day for the 5 days of the meeting in the current plan.

Companies can sponsor a scholarship for a student to participate at the meeting. The donation for this is $1450. Scholarship donors will be mentioned in the meeting materials, given recognition at the meeting, and will have a placard in the meeting area.

Sponsorship of the CfAO Meetings

There is also an opportunity to be a sponsor for the CfAO meetings. In this arrangement, a nominal fee will help fund the evening social hours. In exchange the sponsor's logo will be at the tables and there is some room (about 3-4 tables) for product demos and brochures in the social hour area. The fee is $450 for each meeting (CfAO Laser Workshop Oct 23-24, and CfAO Fall Retreat Oct 31-Nov 1)

CfAO meetings social hour sponsorship $450 per meeting

Please contact Don Gavel at for more information.