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The Maui High Tech Industry Education Exchange (MHTIEE) is a half-day event held within the workshop that provides an opportunity for workshop participants to network with the Hawaiian community, and be part of CfAO's ongoing effort to build partnerships in Hawaii. Individuals from the technical, scientific, and educational community of Hawaii will be invited to this event, which includes the "Community Poster Session." All workshop participants are all expected to prepare and present a poster, either individually or as a team.

In 2003 our goal for the poster session is to inform the community about the CfAO through a collective set of posters that describe CfAO themes, components of themes, technology related to themes, and the science cases for themes. A description of CfAO themes can be found at: http://cfao.ucolick.org/intro/themes.php. There are two options for poster topics that will help us accomplish this goal:1) A poster that describes your research, or some element of your research, as it relates to a CfAO theme (the presenter should elaborate on the connection between the topic and the theme or at least make sure the theme is mentioned); 2) A poster that describes one of the four CfAO themes or some element of a theme. A third alternative is to present your research, or an element of your research, that is not specifically related to the CfAO themes, or even the CfAO (for example CILS Fellows whose fields are outside of the CfAO). To explore ideas for posters, and review the list of topics already submitted for 2003, see [link coming soon].

All posters should be aimed at a level that is appropriate for individuals from a broad range of science backgrounds. Scientists, engineers, managers and administrators from the local technical and educational organizations will be the audience for this poster session. This group will have a general science background, so your language and topics will need to be adjusted appropriately. Also note that the poster session may be somewhat different than a conventional poster session. Your audience will not spend very much time reading a lot of text - keep the amount of text to a minimum! A community member will give a brief introduction to your poster in a plenary session prior to the poster presentations (you will be matched ahead of time and given a 30 minute meeting time to facilitate the introduction). Please email the abstract to Nayhieli Cruz, ncruz@ucolick.org.

Titles and abstracts for posters are due April 15, 2003.


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