Community Networking Session May 15, 2002

Our new "CfAO Community Networking Session" includes an "Opportunity Forum" and a "Science Community Poster" session. The goal of this session is to develop participants’ professional network within and outside of the CfAO.

We would be delighted to have you present at the Opportunity Forum on May 15, 2002 at the Renaissance Beach Resort in Maui. If you are interested in presenting please fill out this Community Networking Session Form and fax it to us at 831-459-5592.

During the Science Community Poster session, you will learn about the current research of CfAO graduate students and postdocs. Each participant of the workshop (or small teams) will prepare a poster that conveys their research to a non-technical audience. The audience we are targeting for these posters are high school science teachers and lower division undergraduates (freshman, sophomores, community college students).

This event will be an opportunity for the participants to explore possible Mini-Grants, Fellowships, and long-term career opportunities. Scientific and educational professionals from Hawaii will attend this forum prepared to share idea with workshop attendees. The format of this event will be informal posters, allowing ample time for participants to discuss opportunities with presenters. The goal of the Opportunity Forum is to give the workshop participants (graduate students and postdocs) an informal setting to explore new opportunities, which could include:

1) Mini-Grants project possibilities. All CfAO graduate students and postdocs can apply for a Mini-Grant to visit a different site to gain new skills or experiences that go beyond their regular program of study. We hope that by participating in Mini-Grants students will become more versatile and cross-disciplinary, and especially encourage cross-overs between astronomy and vision science and education. If you have an idea for a short project (two weeks and longer) that would be of interest to CfAO graduate students and/or postdocs, the Opportunity Forum is a good place to find interested students. Presenters can share specific projects or provide an overview of larger projects to stimulate a new idea for a Mini-Grant.

2) Career Opportunities. CfAO graduate students and postdocs are interested in finding out about both traditional and alternative career paths. Their current discipline areas include astronomy, physics, engineering (electrical/optical), and vision science. They will be interested in finding out about different settings (academic, government, industry, military, etc.) and different types of work (education, outreach, policy, observatory positions, science education centers, instrumentation work, etc.). The Opportunity Forum will be a place to share these opportunities with graduate students and postdocs.

Lisa Hunter (Associate Director, Education, CfAO) and Julian Christou (Adaptive Optics Specialist, CfAO) are working together to develop and host the Opportunity Forum.


The CfAO is currently seeking corporate sponsorship for the Opportunity Forum. We are hoping to provide dinner for all participants, including workshop participants, presenters at the Opportunity Forum, and local educators who will be invited to attend. We are estimating the attendance to be 50-75 people. Please contact Lisa Hunter to discuss possibilities for sponsorship: or 831-459-2416

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