Graduate Students and Postdocs

CfAO graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, can apply for travel awards. Several additional travel awards are available for others who may significantly benefit from attending (new graduate students, advanced undergraduates, etc.). All attendees should be committed to a specific CfAO education project, either having already worked on the project or intending to within the coming year. There are many possible projects and roles that still need people. In particular we need instructors for "Stars, Sight and Science," a program for high school students held at UC Santa Cruz, and instructors/facilitators for the college internship orientation to be held at UC Berkeley June 18-22.



The CfAO travel award will reimburse for airfare and pay for all meals. Participants with travel awards will need to cover the costs of ground transportation and any personal expenses. Five nights in a shared room (2 people) will cost $460 each person, including tax. We strongly encourage research advisors to cover this portion of the cost. NOTE: Participants who are unable to obtain funds to cover this cost from their research advisor should contact Lisa Hunter to discuss alternatives.

After you have faxed the application form and hotel registration form. These forms will be reviewed by the CfAO and we will let you know by email if your application has been accepted. Immediately after the okay you can call the Santa Cruz Travel to make flight reservations. Deadline is 27 March. Please phone 831-426-4900 and ask for Holly anytime Monday -Friday 9:00 am-5pm PT, except Wednesdays when she works 9:00am-1pm PT. Tell her you are making your flight arrangement for the Center for Adpative Optics group. Plan to arrive in Maui about 5pm on 14 May and depart anytime on 19 May. All travel awards will be subject to approval by the Center for Adaptive Optics before the tickets are purchased. FYI: The hotel will offer the same group rate 3 days before and after the event as available.

Travel awards will be available for the first 30 registrants who are CfAO graduate students and postdoctoral researchers (those who spend more than 160 hours/year on CfAO projects). We will also provide several awards for staff scientists who are involved in CfAO education. Several additional travel awards are available for others who may significantly benefit from attending (new graduate students, advanced undergraduates, etc.). We are particularly interested in bringing in underrepresented groups into CfAO graduate groups through this mechanism.

Participants will be asked to prepare a poster to present either individually or as a team. The poster should describe your research, or some element of your research, at a level that is appropriate for a high school science teacher or lower division undergraduate, who will be invited to attend the poster session. This group will have a general science background, so your language and topics will need to be adjusted appropriately. Please bring an electronic version on a zip disc so that we can share the poster after the workshop. Please email the abstract to
Abstracts for posters are due April 15, 2002.







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