People and Profiles

Director - Dr. Jerry Nelson has been the Director of the Center since its inception in November 1999.

He is actively involved in the design of future giant telescopes. He is the Keck Observatory Scientist, having been involved with the design of the two Keck telescopes. He is also involved in the adaptive optics system being used and developed at Keck.

Managing Director - Dr. Chris Le Maistre joined the Center in July 2000. He was previously with the Science and Technology Center for Superconductivity in Illinois. His background is in Materials Science

Associate Director- Dr. Claire Max led Lawrence Livermore's Laser Guide Star Project, whose goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of laser guide stars and adaptive optics for improving the resolution of ground-based astronomical telescopes. Dr. Max is the Theme Leader for Theme 2- Adaptive Optics for Extra Large Telescopes.

Associate Director, Education and Human Resources - Lisa Hunter joined the Center in September 2000. Lisa has a Master of Science Degree in Chemistry. She has been at UC Santa Cruz since 1988 and worked for a number of years in science and education outreach , particularly with under-represented students in Community Colleges and High Schools.
Research Specialist - Dr. Julian Christou is a senior researcher at the Center. He is an expert in processing techniques for image enhancement - specifically deconvolution routines. Prior to joining the Center in August 2000, Julian was a scientist working at the Airforce Research Laboratory Starfire Optical Range (SOR), Kirtland Airforce base, Albuqueque, New Mexico

Office Manager - Paula Towle has been with the Center since its inception. She manages the office and is the first point of contact for researchers from the other sites. She is central to the organizing of "Center" workshops and conferences both on and off the Santa Cruz campus.

Assistant to the Office Manager - Nayhieli Cruz was confirmed in this position in October 2000. She is completing a second Associate Degree at Cabrillo Community College, majoring in Business and intends to continue her studies at San Jose State University.


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