Iterative Deconvolution Algorithm in C - idac

The Error Metric File

The Error Metric has 3 components to it. The algorithm minimizes on the sum of these components. i.e. The following file conv.error_met is produced by the algorithm and summarizes the progress of the minimization. The first column is the iteration number, the second E, the third Ec, the fourth Ebl, the fifth ESAA which was not used for this example and is therefore zero. The final column is the residual mean squared error (MSE) which for image domain processing is equal to Ec. For Fourier domain processing, the two are different with Ec being computed in the Fourier domain and the MSE in the image domain. The MSE is used for the stopping criterion and is written as

[(greal + noise + skyreal) - gest - skyest]2 .

In the limit where gest = greal, and skyest is a good fit, this sum goes to |noise|2

# I   E E_conv E_bl E_saa Resid_MSE
# 0 7.651173e-02 7.649925e-02 1.248249e-05 0.000000e+00 7.649925e-02
1 5.936036e-02 5.934149e-02 1.886701e-05 0.000000e+00 5.934149e-02
2 4.887320e-02 4.871739e-02 1.559532e-04 0.000000e+00 4.871738e-02
3 3.282952e-02 3.165318e-02 1.176422e-03 0.000000e+00 3.165318e-02
4 1.359826e-02 1.098865e-02 2.609675e-03 0.000000e+00 1.098865e-02
5 1.112247e-02 9.187996e-03 1.934481e-03 0.000000e+00 9.187995e-03
6 8.701517e-03 7.121006e-03 1.580536e-03 0.000000e+00 7.121005e-03
7 7.131748e-03 5.951688e-03 1.180064e-03 0.000000e+00 5.951687e-03
8 5.976295e-03 4.945681e-03 1.030626e-03 0.000000e+00 4.945681e-03
9 4.846588e-03 3.893948e-03 9.526433e-04 0.000000e+00 3.893948e-03
10 3.985683e-03 3.173835e-03 8.118593e-04 0.000000e+00 3.173835e-03
11 3.519337e-03 2.800655e-03 7.186822e-04 0.000000e+00 2.800655e-03
12 2.904614e-03 2.173199e-03 7.314286e-04 0.000000e+00 2.173200e-03
13 2.408745e-03 1.744446e-03 6.643041e-04 0.000000e+00 1.744446e-03
14 2.164039e-03 1.605788e-03 5.582555e-04 0.000000e+00 1.605789e-03
15 2.031041e-03 1.513737e-03 5.173045e-04 0.000000e+00 1.513737e-03
16 1.896927e-03 1.440638e-03 4.562899e-04 0.000000e+00 1.440638e-03
17 1.803656e-03 1.402311e-03 4.013447e-04 0.000000e+00 1.402311e-03
18 1.712905e-03 1.345458e-03 3.674477e-04 0.000000e+00 1.345458e-03
19 1.639606e-03 1.290510e-03 3.490972e-04 0.000000e+00 1.290510e-03
20 1.584209e-03 1.249625e-03 3.345856e-04 0.000000e+00 1.249625e-03
21 1.522413e-03 1.196257e-03 3.261560e-04 0.000000e+00 1.196257e-03
22 1.464210e-03 1.165230e-03 2.989815e-04 0.000000e+00 1.165230e-03
23 1.407885e-03 1.136714e-03 2.711712e-04 0.000000e+00 1.136714e-03
24 1.379287e-03 1.117085e-03 2.622030e-04 0.000000e+00 1.117085e-03
25 1.338979e-03 1.089918e-03 2.490613e-04 0.000000e+00 1.089918e-03
26 1.303856e-03 1.065860e-03 2.379959e-04 0.000000e+00 1.065861e-03
27 1.271811e-03 1.039325e-03 2.324863e-04 0.000000e+00 1.039325e-03
28 1.254355e-03 1.025866e-03 2.284891e-04 0.000000e+00 1.025866e-03
29 1.235199e-03 1.013327e-03 2.218733e-04 0.000000e+00 1.013327e-03
30 1.213736e-03 9.978929e-04 2.158436e-04 0.000000e+00 9.978930e-04
31 1.192681e-03 9.805372e-04 2.121442e-04 0.000000e+00 9.805372e-04
32 1.182345e-03 9.731890e-04 2.091558e-04 0.000000e+00 9.731891e-04
33 1.162342e-03 9.540441e-04 2.082984e-04 0.000000e+00 9.540443e-04
34 1.142434e-03 9.392970e-04 2.031368e-04 0.000000e+00 9.392967e-04
35 1.124554e-03 9.244803e-04 2.000748e-04 0.000000e+00 9.244804e-04
36 1.110591e-03 9.157454e-04 1.948464e-04 0.000000e+00 9.157456e-04
37 1.098637e-03 9.114406e-04 1.871979e-04 0.000000e+00 9.114405e-04
38 1.090372e-03 9.054050e-04 1.849678e-04 0.000000e+00 9.054050e-04
39 1.084326e-03 9.012576e-04 1.830686e-04 0.000000e+00 9.012577e-04
40 1.074350e-03 8.958203e-04 1.785296e-04 0.000000e+00 8.958205e-04
41 1.065151e-03 8.880759e-04 1.770754e-04 0.000000e+00 8.880755e-04
42 1.057745e-03 8.827898e-04 1.749547e-04 0.000000e+00 8.827898e-04
43 1.051482e-03 8.765172e-04 1.749654e-04 0.000000e+00 8.765170e-04
44 1.044104e-03 8.713434e-04 1.727612e-04 0.000000e+00 8.713434e-04
45 1.037570e-03 8.675145e-04 1.700558e-04 0.000000e+00 8.675144e-04
46 1.033074e-03 8.650327e-04 1.680411e-04 0.000000e+00 8.650330e-04
47 1.028023e-03 8.627631e-04 1.652606e-04 0.000000e+00 8.627636e-04
48 1.021980e-03 8.587966e-04 1.631832e-04 0.000000e+00 8.587964e-04
49 1.018414e-03 8.558269e-04 1.625874e-04 0.000000e+00 8.558268e-04
50 1.013732e-03 8.519357e-04 1.617964e-04 0.000000e+00 8.519358e-04
51 1.008774e-03 8.475962e-04 1.611780e-04 0.000000e+00 8.475962e-04
52 1.005360e-03 8.437893e-04 1.615712e-04 0.000000e+00 8.437897e-04
53 1.001007e-03 8.402640e-04 1.607433e-04 0.000000e+00 8.402642e-04
54 9.967455e-04 8.379445e-04 1.588010e-04 0.000000e+00 8.379446e-04
55 9.936531e-04 8.341421e-04 1.595113e-04 0.000000e+00 8.341419e-04
56 9.893741e-04 8.302383e-04 1.591363e-04 0.000000e+00 8.302383e-04
57 9.859452e-04 8.280768e-04 1.578685e-04 0.000000e+00 8.280773e-04
58 9.815404e-04 8.231663e-04 1.583743e-04 0.000000e+00 8.231662e-04
59 9.778127e-04 8.210036e-04 1.568098e-04 0.000000e+00 8.210036e-04
60 9.743700e-04 8.190138e-04 1.553568e-04 0.000000e+00 8.190138e-04
61 9.696079e-04 8.142194e-04 1.553886e-04 0.000000e+00 8.142193e-04
62 9.654339e-04 8.095063e-04 1.559276e-04 0.000000e+00 8.095063e-04
63 9.613155e-04 8.053053e-04 1.560102e-04 0.000000e+00 8.053054e-04

Written by J. C. Christou
Updated:  11 December 2000 (JCC)