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Books and articles on Adaptive Optics and related fields.

  • "Adaptive Optics for Astronomy",
    Francois Roddier (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1999
  • "A Field Guide to Adaptive Optics" Robert K. Tyson and Benjamin W. Frazier, SPIE Press
  • "Introduction to Adaptive Optics" Robert K. Tyson and Benjamin W. Frazier, SPIE Press
  • "Adaptive Optics for Astronomy",
    ed. Danielle M. Alloin & Jean-Marie Mariotti, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1994
  • "Imaging Through Turbulence",
    Michael C. Roggemann & Byron Welsh, CRC Press, 1996
  • "Principles of Adaptive Optics",
    Robert K. Tyson, Academic Press, 1997
  • "Adaptive Optics for Atmospheric Compensation",
    James E. Pearson (ed.), SPIE Milestone Series, Volume MS 92
  • Introduction to Wavefront Sensors (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering, Vol Tt18,)
    Joseph M. Geary, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, 1995
  • Babcock, H. W. "Adaptive Optics Revisited." Science 249, 253-257, 1990.
  • Beckers, J. M. "Adaptive Optics for Astronomy: Principles, Performance, and Applications." Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 31, 13-62, 1993.
  • Hubin, N. and Noethe, L. "Active Optics, Adaptive Optics, and Laser Guide Stars." Science 262, 1390-1394, 1993.
  • Collins, G. P. "Making Stars to See Stars--DOD Adaptive Optics Work is Declassified." Physics Today 45, 17-21, Feb. 1992.

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