Adjoining meeting to AO4ELT4:


10th Annual Workshop on Laser Technology and Systems for Astronomical Adaptive Optics

In coordination with the Center for Adaptive Optics, we are hosting a two-day workshop on laser systems for adaptive optics. This workshop will focus on the issues of producing artificial beacons for AO on large aperture ground-based telescopes.

Topics of interest include:

  • Sodium and Rayleigh return modeling and measurements
  • Theory of pulsed sodium excitation, optimal laser pulse and frequency formats
  • Measurement standards
  • On-telescope testing and commissioning experience
  • Approaches to laser beam transport
  • Laser safety, aircraft and satellite predictive avoidance measures, coordination with aviation and space authorities
  • Reports from laser suppliers

Please contact the organizer (Don Gavel) if you have more suggestions for topic areas or sesions. I will begin contacting interested people around July in order to form an agenda.





The workshop will be held in conjunction with the AO4ELT4 meeting and the CfAO Fall Retreat, taking place at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead, California. The workshop will precede AO4ELT4, begining with dinner the evening of Friday October 23, with a full day on Saturday October 24, and ending at noon on Sunday October 25.

Workshop participants are invited to stay at the UCLA Center the nights in advance of AO4ELT4, but will need to register early as there are limited spaces available. Nearby local hotels an accommodate overflow participants, but the cost is higher.

Register here

Please see the local logistics page for directions and travel information.


Because of limited resources of the CfAO this year, the costs of attendance will be borne by attendees. The table below gives a summary of room and board costs.

Package Conference Registration Conference Center (2 nights) Total (2 nights)
Full Package: Meeting, all meals, and lodging included $150 $440 $590
Guest Bring a guest (non participating in the meeting) - includes meals and condolet lodging $0 $380 $380
Commuter Package: Meeting and all meals included $150 $240 $390