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AO Summer School 2008
Travel Information & Directions
Check-In / Lodging

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Contact Info:
(831) 459-5592
FAX (831) 459-5717

Summer School on Adaptive Optics 2008
Travel Information

USA-Only Grads, Postdocs & Invited Speakers: Important Reimbursement Information

Travel Reimbursement Form

204 Form

UCSC Campus Map


Driving Directions & Maps to UC Santa Cruz

From the San Francisco Airport

Distance from the San Francisco Airport to Santa Cruz: about 66 miles
Highway 101 South, towards San Jose
Highway 880 South, which will change its name to Highway 17. The road will become a mountain freeway.
Highway 17 ends in Santa Cruz
When you reach Santa Cruz, continue on Highway 1, following the signs to Half Moon Bay. Highway 1 will no longer be a freeway, but will become a city street as you take a right turn onto Mission Street.
Turn right onto Bay (Look for MacDonald's on the left. The next right turn will be Bay)
Follow Bay to the entrance of campus at High Street. Enter the campus.

From the San Jose Airport

Distance from San Jose Airport to Santa Cruz: about 35 miles
Highway 880 South, which will change its name to Highway 17. The road will become a mountain freeway.
Highway 17 ends in Santa Cruz
Take Highway 1 North, towards Half Moon Bay, and continue to follow the signs that say, "Highway 1".
Highway 1 will no longer be a freeway, but will become a city street as you take a right turn onto Mission Street.
Turn right onto Bay (Look for MacDonald's on the left. The next right turn will be Bay)

Driving Directions to the College 9/10 Apartments

On-Campus Map Available Here

Enter the campus by the main entrance at Bay Street. Bay Street will become "Coolidge Drive".
Turn left at the second light, which is Hagar Dr. Go about 2 miles. Hagar will dead end at McLaughlin Drive.
Turn left onto McLaughlin Drive. Turn right at the blinking red light. You will also see a sign that says, "College 10 and Social Sciences Two".  Just beyond the first stop sign you will see a building sign on the left that says, "Community Room". The Conference Services Office will be next to it.

Walking Maps

Housing & Dining Map

Apartments to CfAO / Labs Walking Map


Airport Transportation

(Airport shuttles are the only transportation method CfAO will reimburse for US Grads, PostDocs & Invited Speakers whom are flying in; for other airport transportation arrangements you need prior approval from cfao@ucolick.org)

• We've been in contact with the Early Bird Airport Shuttle Service. You can make reservations on their website or call: 1-831-462-3933 to make shuttle transportation arrangements from either the San Francisco Airport or the San Jose Airport. Mention that you are attending a Summer School on Adaptive Optics at UC Santa Cruz, so we can coordinate your ride with other summer school participants.


• Rates:
One Way Fares
Please note, this company only offers 1-way fares, but you can make reservations for your entire trip all at once.

To and/or From the San Jose Airport: $75.00 (one-way)
To and/or From the San Francisco Airport: $110.00 (one-way)

• These rates are for up to 3 passengers, so we encourage ride sharing. Each additional passenger is $10.00 per person.

• Let them know that you would like to be dropped off at the College 9/10 Apartments on the UC Santa Cruz Campus. (Pick-up will be at the same location)
For additional information, visit them online: http://www.earlybirdairportshuttle.com/home.nxg

Reimbursement Information for USA-Only Grads, Postdocs & Invited Speakers

• We will reimburse you for your travel costs. For those flying: we will reimburse round trip airfare within the USA and the cost of ground transportation from the airport to Santa Cruz (airport shuttles only). For those driving to UC Santa Cruz: we will reimburse 58.5 cents per mile, up to the cost of airfare.

• Flight ticket reimbursement requirements: No international tickets will be reimbursed, except by prior approval from cfao@ucolick.org. You must fly on a US carrier. You are expected to find the most inexpensive flight.

Ground transportation reimbursement requirements: You will not be reimbursed for car rental expenses unless you carpool with at least 2 additional people to share the expense. Please see "Airport Transportation" below for details on the approved airport shuttle service.

• Personal Vehicle travel reimbursement requirements: Car travel is reimbursed at the rate of $0.585 per mile, not to exceed the cost of same distance air travel.

• Reimbursement forms will be included in your Summer School on AO information packet, to be picked up when you check in at the Conference Offices in the College 9/10 Conference Center. Remember to include all original receipts when you turn in your reimbursement forms. Tuesday, August 5th & Wednesday, August 6th, we will have someone available to answer any questions you may have. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

** Resident Aliens (holders of Green Cards): You must attach a copy of your Green Card
** Foreign Visitors (holders of B-1, B-2, WB, WT, J-1, F-1 and H1B Visas) - Additional Requirements:
1. A copy of the foreign visitor's I-94 record is required and signature page of passport.
2. A CERTIFICATION OF ACADEMIC ACTIVITY form is required for B-1, B-2, WB and WT visas.


YOU MUST PURCHASE AIRFARE, GROUND TRANSPORATION, HOTEL, ETC. SEPARATELY. Retain all required itemized receipts to submit with your travel reimbursement request.
  • Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement of airfare, lodging, rental cars, etc.
  • Electronic receipts are acceptable as long as the detail provided is sufficient to substantiate the expense.
  • Reimbursement of ticket-less or e-ticket airfare expenses require that the traveler submit a copy of the itinerary, a written receipt obtained at the airport, or a passenger receipt coupon.
  • A detailed lodging receipt (folio) must show itemized expenses in order to ensure that valid expenses are reimbursed. If lodging is purchased via the web, include supporting documentation obtained at the time of purchase.
  • Photocopies of receipts are not an acceptable substitute for original receipts.

Car Rental Instructions for University of California academics and staff:
The University of California will not reimburse for added car insurance when you rent a car, so if you don't personally have insurance that covers car rentals, the University has negotiated car rental agreements (for UC staff & students only) with several car rental companies that include insurance. University agreements cover any damage sustained by the rental vehicle and provide increased liability coverage. In order to be covered you must identify yourself as a University employee and provide the applicable UC ID#.

Car Rental Instructions for Non-University of California employees:
Check with your institution for their rental car rates and policies. Use your institution's rental car agreements if possible to ensure the best rates and coverage.
If your institution does not have a car rental agreement, and you do not have personal insurance that covers car rentals, non-UC employees should accept Liability (LDW) and Collision (CDW) Damage Waiver insurance ONLY when renting a vehicle. Please note that car rental companies will offer you many different types of insurance, which you should decline. We can only reimburse for Liability and Collision insurance.

Travel Reimbursement Form

204 Form

Further Questions?

**Contact: CfAO at cfao@ucolick.org or phone (831) 459-5592
**Web Site: http://cfao.ucolick.org/

Last Modified: Aug 3, 2012 

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