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Center for Adaptive Optics | Directions from SFO
Center for Adaptive Optics
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Directions to The CfAO Building from San Francisco International



Distance from the San Francisco Airport to Santa Cruz: about 66 miles
Highway 101 South, towards San Jose
Highway 880 South, which will change its name to Highway 17. The road will become a mountain freeway.
Highway 17 ends in Santa Cruz
When you reach Santa Cruz, continue on Highway 1, following the signs to Half Moon Bay. Highway 1 will no longer be a freeway, but will become a city street as you take a right turn onto Mission Street.
Turn right onto Bay (Look for MacDonald's on the left. The next right turn will be Bay)
Follow Bay to the entrance of campus at High Street. Enter the campus.

Bay Street changes its name to Coolidge Drive. You will need A PARKING PERMIT, so stop at the kiosk on the right, just past the entrance, to purchase one ($6.00 per day). Turn right, out of the kiosk parking lot and proceed on Coolidge. Coolidge becomes McLaughlin Drive.
If the Kiosk is closed, drive 3/10 of a mile beyond the campus entrance. Drive past the Blacksmith Shop on the left, and take the next Right turn. Turn immediately right again, and drive to the end, to the H Barn. There will be a table out in front of the H Barn where you can pick up your parking permit, or you can go inside. After purchasing your parking permit ($6.00), drive back to Coolidge and turn Right. (Coolidge will become McLaughin).

Proceed for about 2 1/2 miles to the end of McLaughlin and turn Left onto Heller. (You will see the concrete Parking Structure on your left, on the corner of McLaughin and Heller.)
Make an immediate Left off of Heller into the Parking Structure entrance.
Park your car.


Walk to level 2 East.
Walk down the stairs located next to the elevator on level 2 East. Walk through the redwood trees on the asphalt walkway, and up the stairs. Cross the street and follow the sign to "Clark Kerr Hall, Thimann Labs, Thimann Lecture Halls", walking up the 5 stairs. Turn left and continue walking straight. Walk under the first set of gray painted steel "flying buttresses" and turn right onto the walkway leading to the Center for Adaptive Optics Building.

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