CfAO Fall Science
Retreat 2018

November 1st - 5th, 2018

Lake Arrowhead, CA

The Center for Adaptive Optics Fall Science Retreat provides a forum for researchers in the adaptive optics field to share current results and plan future collaborations.

The CfAO Fall Retreat this year will center around four workshops, with overlapping themes in adaptive optics. This is an excellent opportunity for researchers in adaptive optics to exchange ideas and make progress in developing the technology of AO for both astronomy and vision science application.

The workshops are:

1. Workshop on Algorithms and Software in Adaptive Optics 

This will cover the latest developments in AO software technology relevant to both astronomy and vision science, including ongoing work in wind-predictive and optimal real-time control techniques, wavefront reconstruction, point-spread function (PSF) recovery, atmospheric turbulence profiling, AO data post-processing, and the design of real-time AO systems.

2. Workshop on High Contrast Exoplanet Imaging Performance
The grand challenge is to develop technology that will directly image planets in nearby planetary systems. This requires extraordinary AO correction, small inner working angle coronagraphs, and very high contrast image reconstruction techniques. This workshop will focus on the tools for accurate modeling and performance analysis of proposed systems, including population synthesis, AO performance, and instrument performance tools.

3. Workshop on Adaptive Optics in Vision Science 
Adaptive optics is becoming an important tool for high resolution imaging of the retina of the eye, both in basic research and now increasingly for clinical use. This workshop will cover the challenges for achieving AO correction in the various imaging techniques in scanning ophthalmology. There will be great opportunity to overlap with the other workshops and to interact with AO scientists in the astronomical field.

4. Workshop on Ground Layer Adaptive Optics for Keck Observatory
The Keck Observatory is studying possibilities for a wide-field ground layer adaptive optics system. This team meeting will cover both technical and scientific application aspects of a proposed GLAO system. Of interest are the accurate modeling of AO performance, understanding requirements for wavefront sensing and control specific to each instrument, and understanding the performance improvements and science gains particular for each instrument.

The CfAO Fall Science Retreat 2018 will take place November 1st-5th at the beautiful UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center.