CfAO Science
Retreat 2021


Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA

The Center for Adaptive Optics Fall Science Retreat provides a forum for researchers in the adaptive optics field to share current results and plan future collaborations.

The CfAO Fall Retreat this year will center around four workshops, with overlapping themes in adaptive optics. This is an excellent opportunity for researchers in adaptive optics to exchange ideas and make progress in developing the technology of AO for both astronomy and vision science application.

The workshops are:

1. Adaptive Secondary Mirror Workshop

This workshop is centered on new technologies for adaptive secondary mirrors(ASMs). Areas covered will include lab testing, integration, and calibrations efforts. We will be sharing new developments, specific lab testing/verification of systems/components, and the status of new ASM projects. There will be focused discussions about key results, calibrations for coming systems, and new approaches, including the underlying requirements, for testing.

2. The High Strehl AO Workshop

Achieving high-Strehl AO corrections over both small and large fields of view requires a detailed understanding of the AO error budget, system response, and atmospheric turbulence. This workshop will focus on the current status and next steps for AO error budgets at 10-m class facilities, advanced wavefront control techniques such as focal plane wavefront sensing, and the path towards optical-wavelength natural- and laser-guide star AO from ground-based telescopes.

3. Workshop on Adaptive Optics in Vision Science

Adaptive optics is becoming an important tool for high resolution imaging of the retina of the eye, both in basic research and now increasingly for clinical use. The 2021 workshop will actually consist of two workshops. The Friday sessions topic will be challenges for retinal functional imaging with AO. The following two days will host sessions on the developments in Ophthalmic AO practice, including: Ophthalmic wavefront sensing, WS and AO design and assembly, and AO control and calibration.

The CfAO Fall Science Retreat 2021 will take place October 20th - 25th, 2021 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds.


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