Topical Sessions for 2017:


  • Applications for Adaptive Optics in Vision Science (Organizer: Nicole Putnam)
  • Science with Ground Layer Adaptive Optics (Organizer: Mark Chun)
  • Point Spread Function Reconstruction for AO Science (Organizer: Jessica Lu)
  • High Contrast Exoplanet Instrumentation Program for TMT (Organizer: Michael Fitzgerald)

Special Plenary Session:
TMT international training program as a model for grad students and postdocs into AO
Lisa Hunter and Austin Barnes

Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (ISEE), University of California, Santa Cruz
In this session we will report on a new international training program that supports the Thirty Meter Telescope partnership. We will use this as a launching point to engage retreat participants in a discussion to generate ideas for activities or programs that could support the advancement of grad students, postdocs, and early career professionals into adaptive optics career pathways. Ideas from this session could be pursued in future funding proposals (e.g. NSF broader impact activities).


AO picture

Nicole Putnam

The Applications for Adaptive Optics in Vision Science Workshop will be an interactive forum for vision scientists and engineers using adaptive optics systems for vision applications to discuss some of the most important topic areas in the field today. The workshop will be focused around four topical areas: clinical and translational science, functional imaging, innovative detection schemes, and system development and engineering. The workshop format will include several short presentations on each topical area followed by long discussion sections. The system development and engineering session will also include a “code swap” session where participants will be encouraged to show and share their software.

AO picture
Mark Chun

The GLAO workshop will develop the science case for ground-layer adaptive optics on large telescopes on Maunakea with a focus on GLAO on Keck feeding the existing Keck instrumentation (e.g. LRIS, MOSFIRE, and DEIMOS). We encourage presentations and discussions on specific science cases for Keck GLAO, current or planned capabilities and science cases with other large telescope GLAO systems, and the current state and directions of GLAO systems on the sky.

AO picture
Jessica Lu

During the PSF-R workshop, we will discuss how point-spread function reconstruction algorithms are now being applied on sky to science observations at Keck and some of the lessons learned. We will discuss what it would take to build a PSF-R facility for Keck adaptive optics observations and other future segmented telescopes. Finally, we will discuss the how PSF-R differs between different types of AO and telescopes.

AO picture
Michael Fitzgerald

This workshop will focus on scientific and technical aspects in preparation for development at TMT and on current facilities. An overall aim is to form the scientific and technical framework for a high-contrast imaging program for TMT. This program will have a phased approach, encompassing existing facilities as well as first-light and second-generation instrumentation for TMT. An outcome will be the foundation for a white paper for describing this high-contrast imaging program, detailing the goals of the program and a roadmap for needed technical development.