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Presentations Fall Retreat 2004

11-14 November, 2004
UCLA Conference Center

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Friday, 12 November

Retinal Imaging Discussion
  PSFs for Vision Science J. Christou
  Quantitative Analysis of Images J. Lin
  PSFs and Deconvolution S. Shroff and J. Fienup

Saturday, 13 November

MEMS Deformable Mirrors (Indutrial Participation)
  High-Performance MEMS Deformable Mirrors for Adaptive Optics: Prototype Status M. Helmbrecht and N. Doble
  Micromirror Array Development Status J. Koonmen
  The Status of BMC Deformable Mirror Development P. Bierden
  Interferometric Testing of the AOptix Deformable Mirror D. Horsley, H. Park, S. Laut and J. Werner
  Selectively Addressed MEMS Deformable-Mirror Arrays for Adaptive Optics B. Lin, R. S. Muller and T.-J. King
  Boston University and Boston Micromachines Corporation: DM technology development for large telescopes T. Bifano
  Large-Stroke Deformable Mirror Array for Adaptive Optics E. Carr, S. Olivier and O. Solgaard
  Enabling Fabrication Processes for AO Devices J. Kubby
  Development of Large Deformable Mirrors Based on Dense Actuation of Nano-Laminate Membranes M. Cohn, W. Tang, S. Olivier, T. Barbee, A. Papavasiliou and C. Walton
Wavefront Sensing and Elongated Laser Guide Stars
  Geometry of Spot Elongation and Pulse Propagation J. Nelson
  Optimal Modal Fourier Transform Wavefront Control L.A. Poyneer and J.P. Veran
  Correlation Wavefront Sensing at Lick L.A. Poyneer and D. Palmer
Adaptive Optics Test Bed Facilities
  Laboratory for Adaptive Optics D. Gavel
  Adaptive Optics Systems at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory K.L. Baker, S.S. Olivier, E.A. Stappaerts, D. Gavel, S.C. Wilks, J. Tucker, D. Silva, J. Olsen, P.E. Young, M.W. Kartz, L.M. Flath, J. Crawford and O. Azucena
  JPL Wavefront Control Technology Development Efforts for Space Telescope Applications J.J. Green
  European AO Testbeds N. Hubin
  UVic/HIA Test Bed Progress P. Hampton, A. Hilton, J. LeDue
O. Keskin, B. Wallace
J.P. Veran, G. Herriot, L. Jolissaint
  Lasers for ELT J. Nelson
  Parsec Laser N. Hubin
  High Reliability Lasers for LIGO and Advanced LIGO R. Byer
  Laser Guidestars at CTI I. McKinnie
  ESO Laser Guide Star: beamteam activities M. LeLouarn
  Facility-class 589 nm Laser System for Sodium Guidestar Excitation C. Denman, P. Hillman, G. Moore, J. Telle, J. Drummond, J. Preston and R. Fugate
  Guidestar Laser Technology T.J. Kane
  Palomar AO Performance R. Dekany
  Compact Fiber Laser Approach to Generating 589 nm Laser Guide Stars D. M. Pennington, J. W. Dawson, A. Drobshoff, L. Taylor, D. Bonaccini and W. Hackenberg



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