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Center for Adaptive Optics | Fall Retreat 2010
Center for Adaptive Optics
A University of California Science and Technology Center

UC CfAO Fall Science Retreat 2010

Thursday, October 28 – Sunday, October 31, 2010
UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead, California

Daily Agenda with Titles/Speakers

2010 List of Attendees



The Fall Retreat provides Center members, affiliates, and invitees with a forum for sharing their current research results, for planning collaborations, and provides an opportunity for informal interactions. Adaptive Optics topics on the agenda will include Astronomical AO (both AO for Extremely Large Telescopes and Extreme Adaptive Optics); AO for Vision Science and Biological Imaging; Education; and other innovative areas within the scope of Adaptive Optics and its applications. Both AO technologies and AO science will be discussed.



Career Development Workshop: Mentoring Undergraduates, A Framework for Planning and Advising Projects

The Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (ISEE) and the Akamai Workforce Initiative (AWI) are in the process of developing workshops aimed at mentoring and advising undergraduate research projects. The session is open to all retreat participants. It will be of interest and applicable to both scientists and engineers, and to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members. Please check “yes” on your registration page if you are interested attending this workshop.

Laser Technology and Systems for Astronomy Workshop: immediately following the retreat. Typical discussion topics include:

• Status of the telescope LGS AO projects.
• Component technologies.
• Methods of beam transport, projection, and uplink correction.
• Field experiments: experimental results and proposed experiments.
• Laser / sodium interaction physics: theory and model development.

Because space is limited, this workshop is by invitation only. Click here for more information on the workshop. To request an invitation, please contact Don Gavel at gavel@ucolick.org or 831-459-5464.



• Arrival: Thursday afternoon October 28, 2010 * Poster set-up and Retreat registration start at 3 pm. This evening there will also be dinner and a plenary session followed by a Social Hour.

Departure: Sunday, October 31, 2010 after lunch

Laser Technology & Systems for Astronomy Workshop (By invitation only. Contact Don Gavel)

Education Workshop will take place during the retreat itself.





The UCLA Conference Center (located at Lake Arrowhead, California) is about 90 (mostly freeway) miles from Los Angeles (two hours) and about 50 miles from the Ontario Airport (1-1/2 hours).

• Driving Directions from Southern California
• Driving Directions from the Ontario Airport
• Driving Directions from the Los Angeles Airport



The closest airport is the Ontario Airport (ONT), a 90-minute drive to Lake Arrowhead. Southwest Airlines offers many direct flights. An alternate airport is the Orange County Airport (SNA), a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive to Lake Arrowhead. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a 3-hour drive to Lake Arrowhead.


The Super Shuttle will take you to the UCLA Conference Center from the Ontario Airport. The cost is much less with each additional person that travels on the Shuttle, so we suggest booking with others from your institution. For example, the cost is $97 each way for the first person from the Ontario Airport to the UCLA Conference Center, and $9 for each person thereafter. Cost from the Los Angeles Airport to the UCLA Conference Center is $130, and $9 for each person thereafter. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE, so please book online, or by telephone: 1-800-258-3826 once you have your travel group assembled. (If you do not have a group, but would still like to use shuttle services, call the team at Super Shuttle, and let them know you will be attending our Retreat. They may be able to group you with other Fall Retreat attendees.)

**Please note: the Super Shuttle does NOT service The Orange County Airport**

If you plan on driving yourself to Lake Arrowhead from the airport, we suggest scheduling your flight with other attendees so that you can share a ride. If you need assistance finding a carpool partner, please email the CfAO Main Office for a list of other attendees in your area.


If you have questions, please contact the CfAO Main Office by email or by calling 831-459-5592 or 831-459-5711.



List of Attendees:

Brij Agrawal, Naval Post Graduate School
Mark Ammons, University of Arizona
Dave Andersen, NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
Oscar Azucena, UC Santa Cruz
Gary Baker, Lockheed Martin, Palo Alto
Sandra Balderas-Mata, UC Davis

Jérôme Ballesta, Imagine Optic
Christoph Baranec, California Institute of Technology
Thomas Bifano, Boston University
Thomas Bloomfield, Dod Directed Energy Branch
Kevin Bock, Lockheed Martin
Antonin Bouchez, Giant Magellan Telescope Observatory
Corinne Boyer, Thirty Meter Telescope
Matthew Britton, the Optical Sciences Company
Rick Burruss, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Evert Cooper, LMCO
Carlos Correia, NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
Ian Crossfield, UC Los Angeles
Celine d'Orgeville, Gemini Observatory
Tuan Do, UC Irvine
Gaspard Duchene, UC Berkeley
Dennis Elkins, Evans & Sutherland
Brent Ellerbroek, Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory Corporation
Tom Esposito, UCLA
Bautista Fernandez, UC Santa Cruz
Greg Fetzer, Areté Associates
Don Garner, Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp.
Don Gavel, UC Santa Cruz
Luc Gilles, Thirty Meter Telescope
Amir Give'on, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Venkata S. Rao Gudimetla, Air Force Research Laboratory
Dani Guzman, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Michael A. Helmbrecht, Iris AO, Inc.
Adam Hickenbotham, UC Berkeley
Lisa Hunter, UC Santa Cruz
Joe Janni, AF Maui Optical and Supercomputing Site
Luke Johnson, UC Santa Cruz
Dae Yu Kim, UC Davis
Joel Kubby, UC Santa Cruz
Renata Kupke, UC Santa Cruz
Lawton Lee, Lockheed Martin
Claire Max, UC Santa Cruz
Rosalie McGurk, UC Santa Cruz
Katie Morzinski, UC Santa Cruz
James Murray, Areté Associates
Richard Myers, Durham University
Jerry Nelson, UC Santa Cruz
Andrew Norton, UC Santa Cruz
Suman Pilli, UC Davis
Lisa Poyneer, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Rachel Rampy, UC Santa Cruz
David Redding, JPL
Mark Reinig, UC Santa Cruz
Reed Riddle, Caltech
Jenny Roberts, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Simon Rochester, UC Berkeley
David Rodriguez, UCLA
Gene Serabyn, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jerome Shaw, UC Santa Cruz
Xiaodong Tao, UC Santa Cruz
Mitchell Troy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Curt Vogel, the Optical Sciences Company
Lianqi Wang, Thirty Meter Telescope
Don Wiberg, UC Santa Cruz
Sylvana Yelda, UC Los Angeles
Robert Zawadzki, UC Davis



List of Attendees

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Email: cfao@ucolick.org

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