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Adaptive Optics for Vision Science:
Principles, Practices, Design and Applications

Edited by Jason Porter, Hope Queener, Julianna Lin, Karen Thorn, & Abdul Awwal

The Adaptive Optics (AO) Manual was created to provide readers with the fundamental and detailed concepts, engineering tools, and techniques needed to design, build and implement adaptive optics systems for vision science applications. The manual serves to educate scientists, clinicians, engineers, and students. Each chapter in the manual has been authored by one or more experts in the specific field and has been technically reviewed by impartial referees who are also experts in the respective field. Even though the book's primary focus is on AO systems for vision science, we believe vision scientists and astronomers alike will find much of the material to be useful. For example, many principles for measuring and correcting aberrations (chapters 3-8) are similar across disciplines. To learn more about the AO Manual, please refer to the Table of Contents (listed below) and to the book's webpage at John Wiley & Sons (click here). We thank the Center for Adaptive Optics for funding this project and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. for working with us to bring the book to print.


  1. Foreword (David R. Williams, Claire Max)
  1. Introduction

    Chapter 1. The Development of Adaptive Optics in Vision Science and Ophthalmology
    David R. Williams, Jason Porter
  2. Wavefront Measurement and Correction

    Chapter 2. The Aberration Structure of the Human Eye
    Pablo Artal, Juan M. Bueno, Antonio Guirao, Pedro M. Prieto

    Chapter 3. Wavefront Sensing and Diagnostic Uses
    Geunyoung Yoon

    Chapter 4. Wavefront Correctors for Vision Science
    Nathan Doble, Donald T. Miller

    Chapter 5. Control Algorithms
    Li Chen

    Chapter 6. Adaptive Optics Software for Vision Research
    Ben Singer

    Chapter 7. Adaptive Optics System Assembly and Integration
    Brian J. Bauman, Stephen K. Eisenbies

    Chapter 8. System Performance Characterization
    Marcos A. van Dam
  3. Retinal Imaging Applications

    Chapter 9. Fundamental Properties of the Retina
    Ann E. Elsner

    Chapter 10. Strategies for High Resolution Retinal Imaging
    Austin Roorda, Donald T. Miller, Julian Christou
  4. Vision Correction Applications

    Chapter 11. Customized Vision Correction Devices
    Ian Cox

    Chapter 12. Customized Corneal Ablation
    Scott M. MacRae

    Chapter 13. From Wavefronts to Refractions
    Larry N. Thibos

    Chapter 14. Visual Psychophysics with Adaptive Optics
    Joseph L. Hardy, Peter B. Delahunt, John S. Werner
  5. Design Examples

    Chapter 15. Rochester Adaptive Optics Ophthalmoscope
    Heidi Hofer, Jason Porter, Geunyoung Yoon, Li Chen, Ben Singer, David R. Williams

    Chapter 16. Design of an Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
    Krishnakumar Venkateswaran, Fernando Romero-Borja, Austin Roorda

    Chapter 17. Indiana University AO-OCT System
    Yan Zhang, Jungtae Rha, Ravi S. Jonnal, Donald T. Miller

    Chapter 18. Design and Testing of a Liquid Crystal Adaptive Optics Phoropter
    Abdul Awwal, Scot Olivier
  6. Appendices

    Appendix: Optical Society of America's Standards for Reporting Optical Aberrations

To be directed to the book's webpage at John Wiley & Sons, Inc., please click here.

Please contact Jason Porter at jporter@optometry.uh.edu

Last Modified: Jan 18, 2008 

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