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Adaptive Optics (AO) Simulation Package

Synopsis: Software to Simulate an Astronomical Adaptive Optics System. Simulates a system with a telescope, deformable mirror (either piezo stack or bimorph), wavefront sensor (either a curvature wavefront sensor or a Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor) and runs a simulation of the closed loop performance.

Language: IDL

Operating System: Needs a Unix System with IDL (uses Environment variables)

Other Requirements: Uses the IDL Astro-Lib Library

History: Written by Francois Rigaut 1993-2001

Version: V4.3.2

Name     Size    Description
AO Sim   -   The AO Simulation Package
  README.txt   36KB   Overview and detailed requirements.
  idlsimul.pdf   263KB   Documentation in Adobe PDF format.
  simul_v4.3.2.tar.gz   17.7MB   gziped TAR archive of the AO Simulation Package.
(to unpack: tar -zxf simul_v4.3.2.tar.gz)
Last Modified: Feb 8, 2008 

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