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Arroyo is a C++ class library for time domain simulations of electromagnetic wave propagation through turbulence and adaptive optics systems. Arroyo supports generation of atmospheric phase screens using a variety of algorithms and power spectra. The library performs geometric and diffractive plane and spherical wave propagation through multilayer atmospheres. Arroyo contains support for a variety of different apertures, including segmented primaries. The library contains functionality for the simulation of Shack Hartmann based adaptive optics systems, including support for the generation of least squares single conjugate reconstructors. The library also includes functionality to model the long exposure point spread function of an adaptive optics system guiding on lasers or natural guide stars.

Arroyo has been used by other researchers in developing a variety of ground based imaging applications. Examples include the investigation of coronagraphic performance behind AO systems, partial correction of static segment aberrations in segmented telescopes, satellite optical communication studies, aberration and tolerancing of optical relays, SCIDAR simulations, studies of anisoplanatism, and for high precision grid astrometry.

Arroyo is distributed under the Gnu Public License, and has been compiled on a number of Unix platforms, on both 32 and 64 bit machines. The distribution contains regression testing, tutorial code, and many example programs that illustrate the library functionality. These range from verification tests to full-featured single conjugate AO simulations. Arroyo has also been used in the development of multithreaded and distributed computing applications. Arroyo's C++ implementation permits users to extend the class hierarchies to support new functionality.

Platform: Various (compiled from source)

Operating System: Unix

Author: Matthew Britton

Last Modified: Feb 12, 2008 

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