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Hosted AO Software Packages

Software for generating a reconstructor matrix, the matrix that connects the wavefront sensor to the deformable mirror.
Developed at the University of Chicago by Walter Wild et al.

AO Simulation Package
IDL package to simulate Astronomical Adaptive Optics Systems.
Written by Francois Rigaut.

Tools for reducing near IR Adaptive Optics data.
IRAS/STSDAS cl scripts written by Eric Steinbring.

Arroyo is a C++ class library for time domain simulations of electromagnetic wave propagation through turbulence and adaptive optics systems.
Written by Matthew Britton.

Rainer's Binary/Speckle Package
Software to reduce speckle or adaptive optics data.
Developed by Rainer Koehler.

Code for relatively rapid modeling of adaptive optics using linear systems methods in the spatial frequency domain.
Developed by Brent Ellerbroek.

Software for blind deconvolution - i.e. estimates both the object and PSF from a set of observations.
Developed by S. Jefferies, J. Christou, K. Hege, and M. Cheselka.

Software for analyzing stellar fields. PSF can be obtained from stars in the field.
Developed by E. Diolaiti et al.

Virtual Telescope
Simulation of telescopic observations used to predict signal-to-noise.
IDL program and supporting files written by Eric Steinbring.


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