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Corporate Web Pages with AO Related Products

MZA Associates Corporation
MZA has produced a software product called WaveTrain. This software is used for the design and simulation of adaptive optics systems. The development was funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). A non-commercial version is available to researchers working on government funded projects.

Useful Information for AO Data Reduction, AO System Analysis, and AO Observing

Theoretical Keck PSF
A calculated theoretical Keck AO PSF useful for comparison with observations to obtain Strehl and to estimate system performace. PSF calculation and web page by F. Marchis (U. C. Berkeley).

Trans-Neptunian Object Appulse Events for AO Observing
Calculation of appulse events (on sky alignments of stars and Trans-Neptunian objects) suitable for natural guide star AO. Calculations and web page by F. Marchis (U. C. Berkeley) and J. Berthier (Observatoire de Paris).

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