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Synopsis: Software to analyze stellar fields designed to handle images produced by Adaptive Optics (AO) systems. Stellar photometry and astrometry in (possibly) crowded fields using a point spread function determined from the science images.

Platform: IDL language

Operating System: Any that supports IDL

History: Developed by E. Diolaiti et al. (see Diolaiti, E., Bedinelli, O., Bonaccini, D. Close, L., Currie, D., and Parmeggiani, G., A&A Supplement Series, vol. 147 (no. 2), Editions de Physique, Dec. 2000, p335-46).

Information on StarFinder can be found at the Bologna Astronomical Observatory on the StarFinder page at Bologna.

StarFinder contains many IDL source files and associate text files and a manual.

Name     Size    Description
StarFinder   -   The StarFinder Software
  README.txt   3KB   Brief overview of the package and requirements
  starfinder_manual.pdf   505KB   Documentation
  starfinder.tar.gz   2.3MB   gziped TAR archive StarFinder. Does not include documentation.


Last Modified: Feb 20, 2008 

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